Welcome to our Garden!

We are a Washington State Family Farm and Nursery. You can order our products here online and see us in person at the Lopez Island Farmer's Market.

Our annual cutting and scionwood sale dates are firming up. Use our new Wishlist Feature to keep track of what you want to buy. And use the reminder button on product pages to get notified the second we make it available.

This summer we have added over 100 plant material products including Grape, Mulberry, Willow, Currant, Apple, and Pear. Browse our Scionwood and Hardwood Cuttings Selection to see what's new.

We have also been adding to our Naturalist Watercolor Card Collection. These 4" by 6" pieces of art make inexpensive gifts for gardeners and botanists. Beautiful art and history from around the United States.

Pomological Watercolors

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