Who is Dingdong?

Dingdong is my lovely wife of 20 years. Her name comes from when her father heard the midnight church bells the night of her birth. After we were married and as we moved from place to place, I loved watching people go from being hesitant about saying her name to yelling “Hi Dingdong!” from across the room.  When it came to finding a name for our new farm, Dingdong’s Garden was the obvious choice.  Mark's Garden just didn't have the right ring to it.

Why a Farm and Nursery?

Since moving to the San Juan Islands four years ago, Dingdong, our daughter Sophie, and I have enjoyed learning to grow, cook, and preserve our own food. Even more rewarding for us has been sharing our abundance with family, friends, and neighbors.  Having a farm and nursery allows us to build on that.

Thank you for joining us and we hope to hear from you!

  • Mark, Dingdong, and Sophie