Willow & Poplar Cuttings

Our willow cutting sale starts January 6th at 5PM EST. Using the back-in-stock button on any of the product pages will remind you when products come available.

Willows can be Curly, Colorful, Weeping, and have Catkins. They can also be used in Basketry, as Pollinators, and for Structures. There are also many willows Native to North America.

The willow cuttings we send you are at least 8 inches long and at least 5/8 inches in diameter, although some cultivars may be thinner. We sell individual cuttings and offer quantity discounts for any and all cuttings and scionwood you purchase.

While rooting success is not always guaranteed, willow cuttings are some of the easiest plants to grow. Stick them in dirt and give them sun and lots of water, and they will grow roots and leaf out.

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