Sitka Willow Cutting

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Sitka Willow (Salix sitchensis) Cutting

The Sitka Willow can be found from Alaska to northern California to Montana. It is native to northwestern North America from Alaska to northern California and east to Montana. It is a common to abundant plant in many types of coastal and inland wetland habitats, such as marshes, riverbanks, swamps, coastal sand dunes, and mountain springs.


Information about planting willow cuttings...

This is a willow cutting for rooting. It is not a tree. To root a willow cutting, stick the cutting directly into the ground or into a pot. Each cutting is marked with a pointed end to indicate the direction of planting... the pointed end goes into the soil.

Willow cuttings can be planted any time of year in zone 8 and above. They are very hardy and cuttings can survive through the zone 8 winters. For zones 7 and below, you can plant indoors under light until the danger of frost has passed. Or if you would like to wait to plant out doors, you can store willow cuttings in sealed plastic in a refrigerator for several weeks.

For planting in soft soil or a pot, simply push the pointed end of the cutting into the soil about half it's length. If you are planting into hard earth, use a wood stake or metal rod about the same diameter as the cutting to create a hole and then push the cutting in.

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