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Red Osier, Red Twig Dogwood Cutting

Red Osier, Red Twig Dogwood Cutting

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Red Osier, Red Twig Dogwood (Cornus sericea) Cutting

Red Osier dogwood is a medium-sized deciduous flowering shrub that grows native in much of North America. It is commonly used as an ornamental due to it's bright red stems in winter. However, it is also a source of food and cover for many species that eat both its small white berries and new growth. It most commonly grows in wetlands and is tolerant of flooding but can also be found in drier areas. This product is a cutting that will take root, leaf out, and grow under the right conditions. Follow the link provided on each product page to see videos on different ways to propagate this type of plant.

This product is a dormant cutting that will take root, leaf out, and grow if planted under the right conditions. Since plant propagation success rates can vary depending on climate, location, and timing there is no universal recipe for success. If you are new to plant propagation, follow the link on each product page for 'Videos on How to Propagate...'.

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