Florida Giant Mulberry Cutting

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Florida Giant Mulberry (Morus alba 'Florida Giant') Cutting

Florida Giant is another vigorous grower that has lush, enormous leaves and gains height quickly. The leaves and growing pattern are similar to Tice or Shangri La but Florida Giant generally has smaller fruit.

Information about Mulberry Cuttings

Mulberry cuttings can be grafted on compatible rootstock or another mulberry tree.  They can also be rooted directly into a growing medium. Rooting mulberry cuttings can be a more challenging than rooting willows or figs. To help you decide whether to use a mulberry cutting to root or to graft it as scionwood, we have shared some of our experience here: Rooting Mulberry Success Rates.

We try to ensure that each mulberry cutting has three nodes, is at least 8 inches in length, and has a diameter greater than 5/8 inches.

More information about our cuttings and scionwood.

Due to state regulations, we do not ship Morus Alba products to the following location(s): Indiana

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