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Cottonwood Poplar Cutting

Cottonwood Poplar Cutting

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Cottonwood Poplar (Populus deltoides) Cutting

How to plant willow, poplar, and dogwood cuttings...

We encourage you to search the internet for all the different methods and strategies for growing willow, poplar, and dogwood. Here are some basic instructions.

This is not a tree, it is a cutting that will take root and grow. To plant, stick the 8" cutting directly into the ground or into a pot. Each cutting is marked with a pointed end to indicate the direction of planting. The pointed end goes into the soil.

Willow and poplar cuttings can be planted any time of year in zone 8 and above. For zones 7 and below, willow and poplar cuttings should be planted after the danger of hard freeze and frozen ground is past. For dogwood cuttings, wait until closer to spring when the risk of hard freeze and frozen ground has passed.

For planting in soft soil or a pot, simply push the pointed end of the cutting into the soil about half it's length. If you are planting into hard earth, use a wood stake or metal rod about the same diameter as the cutting to create a hole and then push the cutting in. If you choose to plant willow, poplar, and dogwood in a small pot indoors or in mild weather conditions, you can cut the 8" cutting into two 4" cuttings and plant them both.

Critical to willow growth is sun and lots of water. Helpful for willow growth is protection from herbivories like deer, suppression of competition from grass by mulching around the cutting, and more water and more sun.

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