Custom Grown Squash and Melon Starts

We grow different kinds of squash and melons every year and want to share the fun!
You tell us what you want, we will grow it, and you can pick it up in May.


- Squash and Melons are all grown from seed. We use OMRI listed organic potting soil. Your plants will be robust and healthy in gallon sized pots.

- We accept cash, credit, paypal, or Venmo at pickup time. Taxes are included.

- Get your order in early, we have limited space!

How to order...

Step 1: Choosing from the menu below, make a list of what you want.

Step 2: Email with your order and we will respond with a confirmation.

Step 3: Pick up your plant from us in Mid May (specific dates to follow), plant it, and watch it grow!

Winter Squash


A winter squash that yields many yellow one pound fruits with green or orange stripes. Wonderful when sliced, seasoned, and baked.
$ 6.00

Howden Pumpkin

Classic large Jack-o’- lantern carving pumpkin. Depending on location can yield 2-6 deep orange regular shaped 20-30 lb pumpkins per plant.
$ 6.00

Sweet Meat

A northwest favorite. Pale green outside, deep orange inside. Can get to be quite large.
$ 6.00

Burgess Buttercup

$ 6.00

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (New!)

Limited only by your ability to provide nutrients, water, and sunlight. Very likely to become too large to carry. Will possibly weight several hundred pounds!
$ 7.00

Waltham Butternut (New!)

$ 6.00

Spaghetti (New!)

$ 6.00

Red Kuri (New!)

$ 6.00

Summer Squash

Italian Ribbed Zucchini

$ 6.00

FordHook Zucchini

Compared to the Italian Ribbed (shown underneath), the Fordhook is a more traditional large, green Zucchini.
$ 6.00

Crookneck Yellow (New!)

$ 6.00

Sunburst Patty Pan (New!)

$ 6.00



Given enough sun, these melons will ripen well on Lopez. Green, aromatic, and sweet. Easy to tell when their ripe because the exterior turns yellow.
$ 6.00