Dingdong's Garden in 2024

Hi Everyone! 

The last couple of years have been busy for us! Selling plant cuttings online along with selling produce and garden starts locally has left little room for us to take a break to visit family and friends. So we've decided to make some temporary changes.

We are going to continue our online sales. In 2024 we will focus on expanding our orchard and increasing the variety and quantity of our cuttings for online sales. We hope to expand our online sales to both summer and winter and also extend the duration of each sale to hopefully better line-up with the best time for you to order your cuttings.

Unfortunately this means that we will need to pause our local sales here on Lopez Island in 2024. We won't be selling garden starts in the spring and we won't be selling plants, flowers, and produce at the Lopez Island Farmer's Market this summer. 

But this is only temporary! We really love sharing what we grow locally and visiting with everyone at the market. Hopefully our orchard will quickly become so abundant that we will have no choice but to bring it to market!

We wish everyone a great 2024 and hope to see you either on Lopez Island or online! 

Mark & Dingdong