Barn Swallow Livestream

Barn swallows make their nests in the eaves of our home. While they can make a mess, they are also fun to have around. They eat a ton of insects, are beautiful to watch fly, and we can watch each brood hatch and get raised by their parents. During the summer, we will try to host a new stream of a nest every day from 7:00AM to 19:00 PST. Sometimes the nests are full of activity with the feeding of nestlings and fledglings. Sometimes everyone is out of the nest enjoying the pasture and pond.

West Side Nest: Bertie & Ernie

Below is Bertie and Ernie's nest on the west side of our porch on Lopez Island, WA. They built their nest in the spring of 2023 and raised two broods over the summer. They returned this year in early May 2024.

As of June 20, there are 2 or 3 hatchlings. Bertie and Ernie are now feeding. Bertie and Ernie are gathering food for their nestlings. Bertie (the mother) has shorter tail feathers and normally faces the camera when in the nest. Ernie (the father) has longer tail feathers and generally faces away from the camera.