Annual Scionwood and Cutting Sales


 1. First and foremost, thank you for visiting our store. When you receive your order, please contact us right away if there is anything wrong with your order or the cuttings don’t meet your expectations. We like to think of our online store as an extension of our small-town farmer’s market stand… it is important for us to know that our friends and neighbors are satisfied with what we grow.

3. Dingdong and I have cut and labeled each of the cuttings. In general, our cuttings are greater than 8” and range from around 3/8” in caliper to much greater. Scionwood for grafting is smaller than cuttings for rooting. The bottom of the cutting has an angle. We always ask ourselves, “would I feel good about receiving this cutting”?  So in the end, a lot of viable plant material ends up on the cutting room floor. Here are some examples of cuttings from this year…

4. Orders made after January 2 will ship out on January 15. We ship orders on Mondays in order to prevent plant material from spending the weekend in the postal system.

5. During harvest we identify plants that don't have suitable cuttings. For these items, "Not Available During Winter 2023/2024" will be shown on the product page. To see an up-to-date list, visit our Products Not Available Page. Here are some specific harvest notes for those interested:

  • None of our cherry trees had sufficient caliper of first year wood. We are switching our cherries to seedling rootstock to get more vigorous growth.
  • Our Gooseberry branches were universally spindly. We are cutting them back to the ground and will prune next year to try and get better diameter on our cuttings.
  • Our Fig cutting numbers are limited. We are growing our fig trees as fast as we can.

 7. Unfortunately, we cannot combine shipping for separate orders during the same shipping period. See our shipping policies here.

Happy propagating to everyone this year! - Mark & Dingdong



In the winter we sell dormant plant cuttings and scionwood from our orchard. First, we harvest the cuttings from our orchard. After harvest, the sticks are cut to size, catalogued, and stored at 37 deg. Finally, we upload the inventory and the sale begins on a specific date and time that will be listed below.


In the summer we sell active plant material, also known as green cuttings. Green cuttings are custom harvested after order immediately prior to packaging and shipping. Cuttings are placed in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel to prevent desiccation.


  1. After the harvest and three days prior to the sale start, items that will not be for sale this year will be identified by a label on the product page.
  2. We have limited quantities of some items. During a sale, items are not reserved when they are in your cart. The item is reserved for you only after you complete your purchase. If something has sold out while you are shopping, you will be prompted by this message when you begin to check-out. "Some items are no longer available and have been removed from your cart. Continue Checkout or Return to Cart"
  3. We ship orders on Mondays in order to prevent plant material from spending the weekend in the postal system. Orders placed after Noon on Sunday will be shipped out Monday one week later. Ship dates and deadlines will be shown on every product page.
  4. Unfortunately we cannot combine shipping for multiple orders.


Prices are uniform across the type of cutting or scionwood. Larger shipments are easier for us to process so we have a standing offer of 10% off for any 10 items and 20% off for any 20 items. We wait until everything is harvested to start the winter sale so that you can minimize the number of shipments. To read more about how we charge for shipping, see our shipping policy.


Below are approximate sale start dates for each type of cutting

Winter - Dormant Cuttings
DEC 29 2023 5PM PST
Summer - Green Cuttings
JUN 14 2024 5PM PST