About Our Cuttings and Scionwood

About Our Cuttings and Scionwood

Our annual scionwood and cuttings sale is from early December to late March. Our sale starts off with Fig, Mulberry, and Willow cuttings. In early January, scionwood for other fruit such as apple, pear, plum, and cherry go on sale. To be notified when our sale will start, use the back-in-stock reminder on each product page or follow us on Facebook.

Typing our cuttings and scionwood

All of our products are grown from trees on our farm. We don't sell anything that comes from a third party. We use the name that our source material had and try to provide enough photos of the plant or fruit for you to confirm type through your own research. Unfortunately we can't provide genetic testing or an extended pedigree. But if you have any questions about a specific product, please contact us.

How we harvest and store our cuttings and scionwood

All of our cuttings are harvested when they go dormant. Immediately after the harvest, we sanitize the cuttings (except willow) in a 10% bleach solution and store them in a climate controlled cooler at 37F.  We don't sanitize willow.

Some specifics on cuttings and scionwood

Our fruit tree scionwood is harvested when it is dormant. Dormancy for hardwood cuttings normally begins in late December. Scionwood is first year wood we sell for grafting. Scionwood is larger at around 1/4" in diameter but can range up to 3/8".  It will be at least 8 inches long and should provide for at least two grafts. This is not a tree and will not root if planted.

Our other hardwood cuttings are also harvested when they are dormant. These are generally intended for propagation by rooting and will be at least eight inches long and have three or more nodes. They are harvested at 3/8" diameter or greater. The only exception to this are mulberry cuttings. We currently harvest mulberry cuttings as close to 5/16" diameter as possible to allow for either rooting or grafting. In the future, we hope to offer a range of diameters for mulberry cuttings.

How we process your order

We only sell when we are ready to ship. We do not presale. When you order, we pull your sticks from our cooler or harvest directly from our field. We then pack your order in a cardboard box keep it in the cooler at 37F until we transport it to the Post Office. For more information on how we ship, see our shipping policies.