Fig Cuttings

Our fig cutting sale starts December 2 at 5PM PST and runs to late January.

Our fig cuttings are dormant. They will have three nodes, are at least 8 inches in length, and are at least 5/8 inches in diameter.  We sell individual cuttings and offer quantity discounts for any and all cuttings and scionwood you purchase.

A word about Fig naming. Just like apple names in the 19th century, there is a great deal of overlap in fig names. We go by the names they were sold to us as. We provide photos that we have taken of the fruit and the leaf.

While rooting success is not always guaranteed, fig cuttings root easily compared to many other plants.  In addition, all of our fig cuttings can be grafted onto other fig trees or rootstock.

A message for Fig Growers!...

If you enjoy propagating figs we encourage you to try willows! Willows root easier, grow faster, and its wood can harvested for ornament or basketry the same year. Grow and harvest your own curly willow, colorful willow, and loaded-with-catkins willow.

Or, if you grow figs and are looking for a propagation challenge, try our mulberries. Just like figs, mulberries fruit on first year wood, can be grown in pots, and make for a unique fruit.

More information about our cuttings and scionwood.