Where to Buy Mulberry Tree Cuttings

We often sell out of our fig cuttings quickly, so we wanted to share some other reliable sources. Here at Dingdong's Garden, we currently sell over 300 varieties of tree cuttings, including figs, mulberries, willow, along with fruit tree scion wood for grafting. And we are adding around 100 more varieties every year. Off the Beaten Path Nursery and Figaholics are two other great sources for fig cuttings, with both offering over 300 varieties during their winter sales. They also have helpful information and videos on their websites and YouTube channels about propagating and growing figs. We hope this helps you find the fig cuttings you’re looking for. Good luck with your propagation this year!

How do I start growing my own mulberries?

Mulberry trees are inexpensive to grow from cuttings. Mulberry trees can be grown in pots and their size can be controlled by pruning. We have over 50 mulberry trees to choose from.  Here are a few...