Top Three White Mulberries

Here we talk about three different types of white colored mulberries: San Martin, Buluklu, and Beautiful Day. San Martin is the first to bear fruit. It has dense foliage and smaller dark green leaves. Buluklu is similar to San Martin but fruits somewhat later. Finally, Beautiful Day is the last to fruit among the three.

White colored mulberries are generally referred to as 'honey-sweet' but lack the tartness of dark colored mulberries. We also mention that terms such as terms such as Morus Alba, Rubra, and Nigra refer to the species and not the actual color of the fruit.

How do I start growing my own mulberries?

Mulberry trees are inexpensive to grow from cuttings. Mulberries can be grown in pots and their size can be controlled by pruning. We have over 50 mulberry trees to choose from.  Here are a few...