Mulberry Cutting Propagation Success Rates

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Success in rooting mulberry cuttings can vary widely between cultivars. We created a poll asking others to let us know about their success but received few responses.

So this winter will set aside cuttings from as many of our cultivars as possible and run a propagation tests. Until then, we have listed our historical success rates below.

If you have kept track of what has worked for you, please let us know!  If you have any comments or questions, email us at

See a list of our available cuttings here.

Chart Key:
  • State: Active or Dormant. Dormant means that the cutting was taken after the leaves had fallen and the tree was dormant. Active means that the cutting was taken during active growth... there may be remnants of leaves on the stick.
  • Media: What was rooting attempted in. BX Pro, Peat/Perlite, etc.
  • Humidity Control: We don't live in a humid location and have to control for humidity conditions. We either wrap the exposed part of the stick in parafilm or put it under a humidity tent.
  • Start Date: When the cuttings were put in media.
  • Qty: Total number of cuttings attempted.

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