Our 66 Mulberry Tree Varieties

In this video we talk about our progress with mulberry trees. We currently have around 66 varieties, with 46 of them placed in 10-gallon pots in a hoop house where we can observe their fruiting behavior. Our goal is to establish a high-density orchard with some of the 250 mulberry potted mulberry trees we have propagated and are growing out. We highlight several early varieties and discusses their growth and fruit production. Then we spend a little time discussing specific mulberry varieties, including French Syrian, Thai dwarf, Pandora’s Box, Kip Parker, David Smith, Beautiful Day, San Martin, Buluklu, Oscar, Valdosta, Shangri-La, Australian, World’s Best, Long Red, Riviera, Galicia, Black Prince, Big Red, and Shelli.

How do I start growing my own mulberries?

Mulberry trees are inexpensive to grow from cuttings. Mulberries can be grown in pots and their size can be controlled by pruning. We have over 50 mulberry trees to choose from.  Here are a few...