Pruning Mulberries for a Second Crop of Fruit

Here we discuss pruning mulberry trees for a second crop of fruit within the same season. We brought these mulberry trees indoors during winter and now they have become too big and are not receiving enough light in the house. So, we have pruned the trees heavily, leaving a few nodes and leaves on each branch. The leaves may suffer from sun scorch due to being indoors for so long but the tree should have enough energy to form new shoots and potentially have a good fruit set. After three weeks, we can see the new emerging leaves on branches that have fruit. The second round of fruiting may not be as abundant as the first, but because the conditions in the hoophouse are more favorable with more light and better watering, it shouldn't be too bad.

How do I start growing my own mulberries?

Mulberry trees are inexpensive to grow from cuttings. Mulberries can be grown in pots and their size can be controlled by pruning. We have over 50 mulberry trees to choose from.  Here are a few...