Braiding Garlic


Softneck Braids and Hardneck Arrangements

Starting in late June, we sell garlic at the Lopez Island Farmer's Market. The garlic is cleaned with stalks still attached.  Perfect for braiding and arrangements! 

Below are some basic steps on how to braid softneck garlic along with some ideas on how to arrange hardneck garlic since the stalk is too stiff to braid.


Softneck Garlic

Step 1


Tie a string

Trim the roots from the garlic. Take three pieces of soft-neck garlic and tie a string around them.

Softneck Garlic

Step 2


Add a piece of garlic

Add a fourth piece of garlic and begin to weave it into the other three French braid style.

Softneck Garlic

Step 3


Continue adding more garlic

Continue adding garlic. If the braid is going to be really long, consider trimming the tops of each stalk as you add them to prevent the braid from becoming bulky.

Softneck Garlic



All done!

You can now hang the garlic in your kitchen.

Hardneck Garlic

Step 1


Inflexible Stalks

We sell bundles of hardneck garlic as well, but hardneck garlic has very stiff stalks that makes braiding a challenge. So we recommend you arrange them differently.

Hardneck Garlic



Hardneck Arrangement

Simply trim the roots and cut off the tops of the stalks.  Bind the garlic tightly into an arrangement at several points. You can add a cutting of sage or lavender as decoration! Keep them in a dry place and cut off garlic when you need it.

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