Produce: Bundle of Five Pieces of Raw Garlic

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Ordering: Trees, plants, and produce are not for sale online but are available at the Lopez Island Farmer's Market or for pickup at our farm on Lopez Island. To order for pickup: email with the items you want. We will send you options for paying and pick-up.

Product: Bundle of Five Pieces of Raw Garlic that may include Inchelium Red or Music.

Description: This is a bundle of seven pieces of garlic stems and leaves still attached. We rinse it free of dirt and remove the outer layer but leave the curing, storage, and arranging up to you. Buy one bundle or buy several and braid it for storage. Garlic braids are an excellent way to store garlic and add a great accent to your kitchen. They are also a great edible and decorative gift for family and friends. Stored in a dry place out of sunlight it will last until the holidays for eating and last much longer for decoration.

Amendments to our soil are either locally produced compost or OMRI listed potting soil and OMRI listed fertilizer. (OMRI listed materials are considered organic and qualify under national organic program). Produce is harvested the day before market or pick-up and is refrigerated if necessary.

Taxes are included in the price listed for trees, plants, and produce sold locally.

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