Scionwood & Hardwood Cuttings

We sell scionwood and hardwood cuttings online for shipping within the United States.

'Scionwood' are sticks that can be grafted onto a compatible root or tree. 'Cuttings' are sticks that can be placed in rooting media or soil and they will grow roots and leaves on their own. To learn more about growing cuttings, refer to our resources on Propagating Trees and Shrubs from Hardwood Cuttings.

We sell and ship scionwood and cuttings when they are dormant. Fig, Mulberry, and some Poplar and Dogwood cuttings are on sale now. PNW native willows along with Stone and pome fruit scionwood such as Apple, Pear, Cherry, and Plum will go on sale by January 5th at 5PM. All scionwood and cutting inventory will remain in cold storage and will be available through March.

You can learn when new sticks are available by checking back on this page or by following us on Facebook.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks and happy grafting and propagating.

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